ACI TOYS: Takeda Shingen Suwahara Hiroyuki's Regular/ Deluxe Version

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Following the success of Oda Nobunaga, first Daimyo in the ACI TOYS x Suwahara Hiroyuki Series, we are excited to introduce the second Daimyo in our line up ~ Takeda Shingen. Often referred to as "The Tiger of Kai", Shingen is among the most influential Daimyos (Japanese feudal lords) during the Sengoku period, along side his rivals "The Dragon of Echigo" Uesugi Kenshin and "Lion of Sagami" Hojo Ujiyasu. Based on Japanese illustrator Suwahara Hiroyuki's illustrations, ACI TOYS captured the essence and recreated the headsculpt of Shingen as the strategic mastermind of the era. Staying truthful to Hiroyuki's illustrations as well as historical references, iconic features of Shingen such as the white fur on his highly detailed helmet, the golden Buddhist prayer beads and robe that symbolizes his devotion to the religion are recreated in 1/6 scale, with the combination of black and gold armor and crimson red "Jin-baori" further gives a distinctive look to this historical figure like no others. Shigen's armor is a Do-maru, with large pieces of armor on the shoulders "Sodes", features that evolved from the O-yoroi style, which was common during the Heian period and used in the Genpei War at the end of the 12th century. Special attention has been made in sculpting the details on the intricate design and formation of the armor. The katana for Shingen took reference from the "Rai Kuninaga", which is preserved at the Erin-ji Temple, family temple of Takeda Shingen in Koshu City, Japan. Features: FOR REGULAR EDITION (Php 10,500) - Authentic sculpted head based on the illustration of Suwahara Hiroyuki - ACI TOYS Body "EDWARD" with 30 points of articulations - 6 interchangeable armored hands - 1 HAORI (samurai surcoat) - 1 KOSODE (robe) - 1 HAKAMA (trousers) - 1 pair of KYAHAN (legging) - 1 Kesa (robe of monk) - 1 pair of WARAJI (straw sandals) - 1 Kabuto (helmet) - 1 Do-maru (chest armour) with 7 KUSAZURI (tassets) - 1 pair of SODE (shoulder guards) - 1 pair of KOTE (sleeve armors) - 1 HAIDATE (thigh guard) - 1 pair of SUNEATE (shin armors) - TACHI "Rai Kuninaga" with sheath (die-cast metal blade with plastic handle) - Buddhist prayer beads - OBI (Belt) Features for: DELUXE EDITION (Php 12,000) Features a sculpted head based on the illustration of Suwahara Hiroyuki Highly articulated body with 30 points of articulation Interchangeable hands for creating a variety of poses Wide array of weapons and accessories Includes a full set of samurai armor featuring details from the original illustration Includes deluxe version additional parts including Gunbai Uchiwa (Military leader's fan), Foldable chair, "Fū-Rin-Ka-Zan" Battle flag and stand Takeda Shingen Figure 6 Interchangeable armored hands Haori (samurai surcoat) Kosode (robe) Hakama (trousers) Pair Of kyahan (legging) Kesa (robe of nonk) Pair Of waraji (straw sandals) Full set of samurai armor including Kabuto (helmet) Dō-Maru (chest armor) with 7 kusazuri (tassets) Pair of sode (shoulder guards) Pair of kote (sleeve armors) Haidate (thigh guard) Pair Of suneate (shin armors) Tachi "Rai Kuninaga" with sheath Buddhist prayer beads Obi (belt) Deluxe version additional parts Gunbai Uchiwa (Military leader's fan) Foldable chair "Fū-Rin-Ka-Zan" Battle flag and stand