Coomodel Series of Empires Black Buffalo (Legend Edition) 1/6 Scale Armor Set

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Product Description

From Coo Model, the Black Buffalo set has everything you need to armor up your 1/6 scale figure and send into battle. When not being worn the armor can be placed onto the stand for display. A large array of weapons and other accessories are also included.

Product Features

  • 1/6 Scale
  • Armor made of 95% die-cast
  • Display base and scene made of oak
  • Fits most 1/6 scale bodies
  • Perfect for customizing or displaying


Box Contents

  • Black kabuto (helmet) with buffalo heraldry
  • Black mustached menoshitabao (mask) with beard
  • Suit of black gusoku (armor)
  • Pair of black kote (vambraces)
  • Pair of black haidate (cuishes)
  • Pair of black and gold suneate (jambeaus)
  • Gold and blue seno (armor tie)
  • Pair of bronze waraji (sandals)
  • Katana (long sword)
  • Black katana scabbard
  • Wakizashi (short sword)
  • Black wakizashi scabbard
  • Gunnbai (general fan)\
  • Armor stand
  • Armor box
  • Katana stand
  • Gunnbai stand
  • Red war flag with aquatic heraldry
  • Flag stand
  • Nameplate of the armor
  • Oak-made display stage
  • Oak-made byobu (scree