Damtoys 1/4th Scale The Monkey King NO.CS002

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DAMTOYS CLASSIC SERIES: 1/4th scale The Monkey King(NO.CS002)

as an homage to the classic style of Monkey King. Costume is made using real silk and fabric, with absolute collectible value!
Part of the design colour scheme uses that of Inflames Toys 1/6 The Monkey King. Big thanks to Inflames Toys for the huge support!

Product No: CS002
Product Type: Epic Series Collectible Statue
Product Size: 26” H 660mm (overall height) x  13” W 330mm (overall width) x  16” D 41mm
Net Weight: 14.5 kg (32lb)

UPC: 6970569620664

1. Costume:Silks & fabrics
2. Headsculpt、Body、accessories: Poly stone & pvc & metal
3. Diorama Base: Poly stone

*Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different