Damtoys Assassin's Creed Revelations–1/6th Scale Mentor Ezio Auditore DMS014

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The 1/6th Scale Mentor Ezio Auditore Collectible

Figure features:
One (1) head sculpt
One (1) articulated body
Eight (8) pieces of interchangeabie hands

One (1) hooded gown
COL Tee i e-lag
One (1) cloak
One (1) shoulder armor kit
One (1) fur shawl
One (1) armor (right arm)
One (1) pair of forearms guards
One (1) pair of pants
One (1) pair of boots

One (1) long sword and sheath
One (1) short sword and sheath
One (1) daggar
Two (2) sleeve swords

One (1) Masyav key
One (1) specially designed platform with game logo brand