DID: SS-Panzer-Division Das Reich MG42 Gunner B. "Egon"

  • ₱8,250.00

We are glad to let you know that the new release from DID, D80131, SS-Panzer-Division Das Reich MG42 Gunner B “Egon” is available for pre-order now. Php 8250 / pc 20% reservations Book before deadline Deadline Sept 22.2018 Eta: November end 2018 D80131 50-bullet chain with metal MG34 ammo box Drum magazine X 2 with carrier Metallic MP40 with 2 clips and 5 bullets MG42 spare barrel with barrel case Super realistic headscuplt with kintted brows and ganishing of teeth Tripod mount connector for MG42 MG42 Anti-Aircraft spider sight M40 fur-line pullover park