INART Harry Potter and the Philosopher’ s Stone -Harry Potter Hogwarts Uniform 1/6 (Premium Version)

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【Premium Version】


Product Accessories:


INART Movable Articulated Body*1, Head Sculpt With Rooted Hair And Rolling eyeballs*1, Round Glasses*1, School Uniform Shirt*1, Gryffindor Tie*1, School Uniform Sweater*1, Gryffindor Scarves*1, School Uniform Trousers*1, School Uniform Wizard Robe*1, School Uniform Winter Cape*1, Black Leather Shoes*1 Pair, Stockings*1 Pair, Natural Hand Gesture*1 Pair, Right Hand Holding A Wand Gesture*1, Right Hand Holding The Philosopher’s Stone Gesture*1, Right Hand Holding A Book*1, Hand Gesture Holding A Broom Gesture*1 Pair, Left Hand Holding The Latern Gesture*1, Gloved Hand With A RelaxedGesture*1 Pair, Right Gloved Hand With A Fist Gesture*1, Right Gloved Hand Holding A Wand Gesture*1, The Stone*1, The Stone Packaging (Contains The Stone*1) *1, Hogwarts Sorting Hat*1, Chocolate Frogs*3, Chocolate Frog Packaging*3, Harry Potter Wand*1, Harry Potter Wand Organiser*1, Latern*1, Hogwarts Express Tickets*1, Birdcage*1, Hedwig*1, Hedwig Grip Arm Foot Replacement*1, Hedwig Docking Floor Foot Replacement*1, Broom*1, Hogwarts Textbook*2, Hogwarts Acceptance Letter*1 Set, Standard Magnetic Flooring*1, Premium Scene Magnetic Flooring*1, Photo Album*1, Head Sculpt With Rooted Hair Display Box*1.