King Arts * 1/1 MOVIE PROPS SERIES * MPS021* 1/1 Reactor *

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King Arts * 1/1 MOVIE PROPS SERIES * MPS021* 1/1 Reactor

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Product introduction Product Series: 1/1 MOVIE PROPS SERIES Product Name: 1/1 Reactor Product Code: MPS021 Film Authorized :<< Iron man 2>> Product Specification: Product Measurement: 14CM height Outer carton size: around 37*29*30CM Product features: * Assembled with stainless parts and metal batteries. *The energy plates is designed according to movie scene and will automatically inserted into the reactor when in touch, eight protection blocks will then lock accordingly. The energy plates and protection block will released after press the button again. * The reactor will emit brilliant blue light when the energy plate is inserted, * Reactor is made of metal parts and engineering-plastics * A burned-out cell is provided as the film presents, there is no light emit when inserted, which bring a sense of reality and more enjoyment.