LXF1702 Valkyria Chronicles Fiona (ACCESSORIES ONLY)

  • ₱5,500.00

LXF1702 Valkyria Chronicles Fiona(not including Body and Head) Product: Valkyria Cronicles (Fiona) Model: LXF1702 Proportion:1/6 Note: This Product does not contain the body and head,(recommended with the use of Tbleague S12D silicone body and KT004 head model) Armor Type: Headband x 1 Scarf Armor x 1 Chest Armor Piece x 1 Removable Shoulder Armor x 2 Armor Arms x 6 Gauntlets x 2 Thigh Armor x 2 High Heels Batttleboots x 2 Crotch Protection Piece x 1 Leather Pieces Sexy Bodysuit x 1 Leather Sheath x 1 Black Stockings x 1 Leather Back Piece x 1 Weapon Cross Sword(Metal Plating Process) Sword Sets Platform Main Scene: After the rain relics Scene Accessories: European Stairs, Small Hare LXF1702 Valkyria Chronicles Fiona

Php 5,500 20% reservations. Head and body not included only accessories.