Noir Toyz 1/12 Hero Series - 19th Century Dark Knight (Deluxe Version) Batman

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The Great Detective of Gotham is Back.

A 19th Century Dark Knight, he is a genius, a master of martial arts, an expert detective, and a guardian of Gotham.

The Dark Knight is the first piece from Noirtoyz's upcoming 1/12 Hero series Action Figures.

The whole body is about 17cm tall and has 28 movable joints. Real fabric material is matched with individually designed superhero body, with shapeable cape faithful to the style and image of the Dark Knight.


Figure Set Includes:

All-new Superhero Muscular Body
Tactical Goggles 
Interchangeable hands (10)
(a pair of fists, a pair of normal hands, a pair hands holding Batman sign, a pair of gun-gripping hands, a pair of dagger-gripping hands)
Bata rang (4)
Daggers (4)
Grapple Gun (removable hook)
Base with stand

Shapeable Cape
Yellow Multi-Functional Tactical Belt
Specially Created Dark Knight Suit
Deluxe Edition Exclusive Accessories:

Wayne interchangeable head sculpt
Angry Expression interchangeable head sculpt 
Gargoyle base accessory
Gotham theme background