5pro Blitzway Mechander Robo weathered version

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5pro Blitzway Mechander Robo weathered version

[5PRO-CA-10302] CARBOTIX MECHANDER ROBO - Weathering ver.

Blitzway is pleased to present the Weathering version of CARBOTIX MECHANDER ROBO.

This version is exquisitely expressing a MECHANDER ROBO that appears to be back from a battle.
In addition to the robot’s main body, its overall painted weathering details, including various types of weapons, reveal a unique style different from the existing products.
The launcher parts of both CARBOTIX MECHANDER ROBO Rocket and Jaws Missiles, which are offered as optional parts, further enhance the completeness of these products.

To keep pace with the modern sensibility, a refined design created by the senses of Blitzway’s designers was applied to the whole body, and the MECHANDER UFO Shield was equipped with Blitzway’s own original gimmick.

Now, let’s meet the MECHANDER ROBO in person, which has returned from its mission!

Product Specifications

・Non scale CARBOTIX Series Action Figure
・Heavily weathered paint details
・Figure Size approximately 230mm tall
・Six (6) Exchangeable hand parts
・Two (2) MECHANDER UFO Shield parts with interesting gimmicks
・Two (2) Realistic MECHANDER Rocket Gun effect parts
・Two (2) Realistic Jaws missile effect parts
・One (1) Sophisticated MECHANDER Fencer
・One (1) Sophisticated MECHANDER Max part

★Production details might be subject to change without any prior notice.
★Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different.


1. Figure : Metal parts, PVC, ABS
2. Equipment : PVC, ABS
3. Package : PET Blister + Color Box


Producer : Won Choi, Sungwoong Bae
Planner : Sungwoong Bae
Executive Director : Director K (Kwon Hyuck Chul)
Marketing : Won Choi
Senior Director : Typhoon Kim
Production Management : Director K (Kwon Hyuck Chul)
Art Director: Rainman
Planning Supervisor: Kon Kuk Kim
Art Supervisor: Kwangse Oh
Design & 3D works : Kon Kuk Kim, Kwangse Oh
Paint : Kwangse Oh
Assistant manager : Eric Lee, Lang Xu
Photographer : reFe Yoon
Editor of Photography : Yoon Jang, Zhou Hai
Package Design : Chang Kyu Kim, Zhou Hai
The Blitzway Design & Development Team
Manufactured by BLITZWAY CO., LTD