(RE ORDER) Asmus Toys: Gandalf the White Robe (Product No.: LOTR003)

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Asmus Toys: Gandalf the White
Robe (Product No.: LOTR003)


Gandalf the White Robe is a one-to-six real-life doll, which truly and completely presents the shape of the movie "Lord of the Rings".
- About 30 cm high
- More than 32 movable joints

Product features:
- Doll body adopts ADAM+ durable male body
- Asmus Toys ring is made of alloy
- A pair of old man's relaxed hands - A pair of
old man's fist hands
- One old man's hand holding a weapon Right
- a pair of hands clenched by the old man

Clothes features:
- silk screen details added to the clothes
- one white electric embroidered vest - one

white pad printing robe

- one beige electric embroidered cape
- one set of apron - one set of
- belt A set of

Weapon Features:
- One Gandalf sword (alloy), including scabbard
- White robe Gandalf wand

Accessories: -
One Asmus Toys doll Crown display stand

Special accessories:
- One 1:6 resin white horse (Shadowfax)

Estimated release date: a small amount of stock, the follow-up delivery date is the end of January Statement
date: December 30, 2022



Order due date: Dec 7


Estimated to ship Jan  2023