(RE ORDER) EdStarStudio New Product: 1/6 Infinite Resident (Manji)

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EdStarStudio New Product: 1/6 Infinite Resident

(Comic Version) Doll #ESS-009
Product Number: ESS-009
Product name: Infinite Residents (Comic Version)
Booking deadline: 27 July 2021
Release Date: Q4 of 2021
Ratio: 1:6
Weight: 1.2kg
Material: ABS, Die-Cast, PVC
Size: 12"
Matters needing attention: This product contains body and head sculpture
Product selling point: There is a set of classic Japanese comics, the clothes and weapons of the protagonist. You can purchase other brands of body and head sculptures to become your favorite comic action.
Content list:
-Infinite Resident (Comic Version) Head Sculpture x 1
-Infinite Resident (Comic Version) Clothes x 1
-One sword hand type x 3
-One-piece straw shoe foot type x 2
-Gulantoruk (alloy) x 1
-Jinlian, Guardian of Three Ways (Alloy) x 1
-Kudonesilli (alloy) x 1
-Gold bug (alloy) x 3
-Uk (alloy) x 2
-Little Tengu (alloy) x 1
-Sister Shoujinzheng (alloy) x 2
-Oni Taiko (alloy) x 1
-Inoue Real Insect Killer (Alloy) x 1
-Wuming (alloy) x 1
-Bucket (alloy) X 1
-1 to 6 with scar body x 1


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