FMS 1:12 Remote-Controlled (RC) Jimny 11221

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FMS 1:12 Remote-Controlled (RC) Jimny 11221  

From the amazingly detailed interior, outer body, or chassis and suspension, this is an RC model that replicates its full-size counterpart in virtually every area. The 1:12 Suzuki Jimny is ready to conquer the wilderness. 

Realistic Body Details
1. Officially licensed product of the Suzuki Motor Corporation.
2. Ready-to-Run 4WD.
3. Painted body in the original coating, with stainless marks using the photo-etching technique.
4. Electroplating Suzuki logo and light cups.
5. Photo-etching honeycomb grille and authentic movable rear-view mirror.
6. Fine wheel artwork mounted with natural rubber tires.
7. Bumpers, wheel fenders and roof can be disassembled for personal modification.
8. Outstanding car light system with up to 15 LEDs.
Headlights: Full Beam / Dipped 
Turn signals: Activated when turning / Dual flash switch
Fog lights: Front & rear fog lights can be activated remotely
Brake lights: Activated when parking
Reverse lights: Activated when reversing

Chic Interior
1.Lift the hood for a featured lifelike scale engine with delicate detailing. 
2. Side doors open similar to the real Jimny.
3. The steering wheel is driven by an independent servo, linked to the front wheel steering.
4. Adjustable front seats, a perfect match for 1:12 figures.
5. Open the backdoor, flatten the rear seats and enjoy some spacious storage!
6. Trunk area features a hidden storage area. 
7. Super detailed interior and dashboard.

Robust Chassis
1. Solid frame-full chassis structure.
2. Metal frame rails.
3. Front & rear 3-link rigid axle suspension with coil spring.
4. The scale engine houses a 180 motor with a two-speed transmission.
5. Metal gears.
6. 25 stainless steel ball bearings.
7. Metal U-joint driveshafts.
8. Battery, servo, receiver, ESC, light control — all under the hood.