(PRE ORDER) HEX Collectibles UDS004 Battle of destiny: Namikaze Minato vs Kurama

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HEX Collectibles UDS004 Battle of destiny: Namikaze Minato vs Kurama 

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Estimated to ship Q3 2022

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HEX Collectibles 908473 1/8 "Naruto Shippuden" Genuine License Uchiha Madara statue
About This Statue:
“As the Hokage, I shall protect the village that is my family. This is my duty at this moment!”
HEX Collectibles presents the Battle of Destiny: Namikaze Minato vs Kurama Ultimate Diorama Statue from Naruto Shippuden. The statue measures 23.2" tall, inspired by the battle between Namikaze Minato and Kurama. As a Hokage, Minato has the responsibility to protect the village and his family. 
Minato wears his iconic uniform sculpted with meticulous pleats and stitches. His arms open widely while his yellow hair flows in the wind, staring at Kurama with a stern look. He holds the Flying Thunder God kunai in his right hand and leaps his body to keep balance when standing atop the crushed stones. This well-picked posture represents the dynamic feeling of the character perfectly. While contrast to Minato, Kurama has a massive red-orange body that is fully sculpted in the likeness of the anime appearance. It is also detailed with a muscular physique and texturing fur to make it monstrous. There is a Tailed Beast Bomb with illuminated purple light in front of it that shows destructive power. Kurama waves nine brawny tails and its claws tightly clasp the rocky landscape of the base, which presents the ragged battle between Kurama and Minato. 
Just like the brand concept of HEX Collectibles, we’ve always looked at ways that products in the market can be improved. Finding new ways to push the boundary and capture the essence of the characters we loved, and bringing beloved characters to life in the dynamic style that we’re known for. 
Naruto Shippuden fans, don't miss your chance to add this Battle of Destiny: Namikaze Minato vs Kurama Statue to your collection!

[Product Information]
License: Naruto Shippuden
Product Name: Battle of destiny: Namikaze Minato vs Kurama
SKU No: UDS004
Product Scale & Type: Ultimate Diorama Statue
Product Size: Height: 23.2" (590mm) | Width: 29.9" (760mm) | Depth: 23.6" (600mm) |
Materials: Polystone, PU, PVC
Limited Edition: 2500pcs
Official Release Time: 
8am Sept. 3rd, 2021 (CST Beijing Time)
5pm Sept. 2nd, 2021 (PST)
Expected to Ship: Q3 2022