(RE ORDER) Longshan Heavy Industry 1/6 Joan of arc Die casting alloy SL2022-02

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LOGSHANJINSHU 1/6 Joan of arc  Die casting alloy SL2022-02   

LOGSHANJINSHU 1/6 SL2022-02   Joan of arc  Die casting alloy
Product number  NO:SL2022-02 

Product catalog: 
Animation head x1
Replace face x2
Tbls36 encapsulated plastid x1
Alloy helmet x1
Die cast alloy badge x2
Die cast alloy waist protection x1
Die cast alloy skirt x1
Die cast alloy elbow guard x2
Die cast alloy hand guard x2
Glove X4
Leg ring x2
Die cast alloy leg armor x2
Die cast alloy boots x2
Top x1
Jumpsuit x1
Pleated skirt x1
Leggings x2
Skirt x1
Belt x1
Die casting alloy long sword x1
Die casting alloy lance x1
Battle Flag x1
Support platform x1
Cloak x1
A CG head carving will be given to the booking customer X1

Order due date:  Apr 29, Estimated to ship 3rd qtr 2022