(WAITLIST) LUCIFER 1/6 Centaur Elf - Dawn Horn LXF2309A

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LUCIFER 1/6 Centaur Elf - Dawn Horn LXF2309A,  order due March 4, estimated to ship Q3-Q4 2023


Article No.: LXF2309 A




(Centaur version)



1 LUCIFER Centaur split-type plain


body (with glue)/1(exclusive to Centaur




2 Exquisite semi-hair transplant female


head sculpture/1


3 Helmets/1


4 Neck sleeve/1


5 Half-man horseskin breastplate/1


6 Composite lock leather waistcoat/1


7 Lock arm armour/1


8 Faux leather shoulder armor/1


9 Upper arm sheath/2


10 Small arm armor guard/1


11 Jib guard ring/1


12 Knee armour of front leg/2


13 Front calf armor/2


14 Knee guard of back leg/2


15 Rear calf armor/2


16 Armored horseshoe/4


17 abdominal nail film/2


18 Leather waist cover crotch protection chain/1


19 Impact spear/1


20 hand type/6


21 Horse body protector/1


22 Front leg lifting crotch/2


23 Back hip leg cover/2 (exclusive to the


Remy version)


24 Defense Shield/1


25 Removable cloak/1


26 Bracket/1



Material: PVC ABS special cloth thick velvet non-dye leather metal alloy