RD STUDIO Explosive MK3 Iron Man (Mark 3)

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RD STUDIO Explosive Iron Man is scheduled to open in MK3. 


 This explosive armor MK3 model uses the magnet of the main body to absorb the outer armor to achieve the explosive armor effect.
 Each piece of outer armor can be disassembled separately, with a total of about 110 outer armor parts. The advantage of disassembling the outer armor separately is that you can uncover the mechanical internal structure of the designated outer armor display model at will. The detailed control is estimated to be very favorite. Without the outer armor on the whole body, it is a complete MK3 skeleton with strong metal feeling and good details. There are a total of 10 light positions inside, which are located in different parts of the body, such as the body, head, legs and arms. Built-in large-capacity rechargeable batteries and USB power supply sockets. Players who like to keep lights on can use USB power supply and never have to worry about changing batteries. Tedious.
 After power on, you can control the light switch and change your favorite color through the distributed remote control, such as blue, white, ice blue, etc...The light switch turns on the whole body with one button.
 After turning on the light, because the main skeleton is a hollow design, the light is emitted from the inside of the skeleton, full of a sense of technology, and is used to put the scene first-class.
 In addition, both the helmet and the mask have added internal details, the details are clearly portrayed, the details are not blurred, and the sense of technology is more technological.
 There are not many joints in the whole body, but this model is mainly for viewing and scenes, which is not suitable for playing. The arm has 5 movable joints, which can realize common postures such as flat lifting. There are opening and closing settings on the back of the calf, and 4 spoilers on the back can be opened and closed.
 In addition, please note that this model does not include real head sculptures and demolition tables, players are requested to prepare their own.
 The product contains:
 Newly designed MK3 dedicated internal frame*1 Full body outer armor and other parts*110 Scheduled delivery of explosive helmet*1 Empty helmet*1 Remote control of lighting effects*1USB power supply wire*1