Star Ace SA9045 Thade (DX)

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30cm Figure & Polyresin Horse (Mixed Media) Statue


License (Planet of the Apes, 2001)


In Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes (2001), the chimpanzee general Thade wanted to exterminate all humans. Tim Roth brought the character to life through heavy ape make-up and was able to make the character the ultimate evil ape.

This polyresin statue of Thade has a fabric costume and fur accents under his armor with a faux fur beard. It is articulated at the shoulders and neck for limited posability and stands 30cm tall. It features a detailed, authentic likeness to Thade in the film and is meticulously hand painted.

The evil soldier ape is available standing on his own or sitting astride his fully equipped war horse with removeable saddle and bridle.  

Product Type :

PVC, Soft Vinyl + Polyresin (Mixed Media) Statue, (non scale) 30cm tall


Product Size :

General Thade Statue : Approximately L 300mm W 150mm H 280mm

Horse : Approximately L 300mm W 110mm H 300mm


Star Ace

SA9045 Thade (DX)