TBLeague 1/6 PL2023-220B Medusa

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One (1) head sculpt

One (1) TBLeague sixth scale female seamless body with metal skeleton, body can be separated from the tail

One (1) neck adornment

One (1) pair of coiled snake bracelets for upper arms

One (1) breastplate

One (1) pair of forearm guards

One (1) battle skirt

One (1) cloth skirt

Three (3) pairs of interchangeable hands

One (1) serpent tail 

One (1) wrapping for the tail end

One (1) bow

Three (3) arrows

One (1) trident 

One (1) sword

One (1) pair of lower leg guards

One (1) pair of high-heeled shoes

One (1) display base


TBLeague 1/6 PL2023-220B Medusa