TBLeague PL2021-181A/B 1/6 Bastet, The Cat goddess-Black Scale Action Figure

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Regarding TBLeague recently released products - Bastet PL2021-181A/B, The Cat goddess- two versions: black/white, we have modified them based on some common criticism
of yours. This is our belated thank you- thank you for giving the comments, we accepted your criticism kindly and wanted to make sure you know this. On that basis, quick action has been taken to improve the dolls. Sorry for not communicating this until now. We have updated the pics as you will see, the dolls’ images are to be like in the new pics.

We have made these modifications:
1. They are smaller-breasted now;
2. The neck and head are more proportionate to the body.

Once again thank you all for giving us your opinion, it’s valued external supervison and support.

TBLeague PL2021-181A 1/6 Bastet, The Cat goddess-Black Scale Action Figure

TBLeague PL2021-181B 1/6 Bastet, The Cat goddess-White Scale Action Figure


Packing List:

1) 2 x cat head sculpts with non-removable headdress

2) 1 x TBLeague 1/6 scale female seamless body with metal skeleton

3) 1 x one-piece armor for protecting neck and shoulders 

4) 1 x decorative belt

5) 3 pairs x claw-shaped interchangeable hands

6) 1 x top

7) 1 x underpants

8) 1 x skirt of two layers 

9) 1 x cloak

10) 1 x Egyptian cat

11) 1 pair x claw-shaped feet

12) 1 pair x decorative bands for upper arms

13) 1 pair x wrist armor

14) 1 pair x ankle armor

15) 1 x scimitar

16) 1 x sceptre with a detachable end 

17) 1 x ankh

18) 1 x base with holder


1 product/individual box

GW: 2.08 kg

Measurements: 24cm*16cm*38cm