(Re-Order) threezero 3Z02880W0 1/6 John Rambo

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threezero 3Z02880W0 1/6 John Rambo   

Order due date: Oct 7
Estimated to ship 1st qtr 2022

Product information:
 Product SKU (1pc): 3Z02880W0
Product barcode (1pc): 4897056205673

 Package size of each product: 24.5 x 38.5 x 12.5 cm / G.W. 1.4 kg (approx.)

 l A movable body with a height of ~12" inches (30 cm);

 l Exquisite like real John. Lanbao Sculpture
 l Heavy combat weathering
 l Headscarf
 l Grey vest top
 l Jeans
 l Belt
 l Boots
 l Rain poncho
 l Iron wire

 l 1 Survival Knife (with sheath) scabbard
 l 1 shotgun
 l 1 M16A1 assault rifle
 l 1 M60 machine gun
 l 5 ammunition belts
 Interchangeable hands:
 l 1 pair of fists
 l 1 pair of assault riflemen
 l 1 dual machine gunner
 l 1 right shotgunner
 l 1 left hand relaxed