(RE ORDER) VERYCOOL 1/6 Human Cloning VCF-2062   

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VERYCOOL 1/6 Human Cloning VCF-2062   
VERYCOOL NEWS: 1/6 Human Cloning

Product Name: 1/6 Human Cloning

Product No.: VCF-2062

Product List:

-Exquisite hair transplant head carving

-VC half pack of glue medium chest female body

-Leather edge windbreaker

-Short sleeved Jumpsuit

-White vest

-Denim shorts

-Genuine leather boots

-Long scarf

-Scarf (Off-white)


-Colored hand rope

-Genuine leather dart wristband

-Darts *5

-Wrist watch

-Wind mirror

-Shotgun holster

-Pistol holster*2

-M19 pistol*2

-Nepal machete*2

-W-870 shotgun

-Exposed fingers gloved hand*4 [Natural hand( pair)、Hook hand ( pair)]

-Holding hand (pair)


Order due date: Aug 29, Estimated to ship 1st qtr 2023