VTSTOYS 1/6 The Last Hero Collector's Edition VM-040

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VTSTOYS 1/6 The Last Hero - Standard Edition VM-040 

Product comes with:
- Basic head sculpt
- Highly poseable body with seamless arms
- 8 hands (L and R hands in different shapes):
- A pair of hands for holding item(s)
- A pair of claw hands
- A pair of fists
- A pair of special hands also for holding item(s)
- Dark blue tight-fitting turtleneck top
- Dark blue pants
- Belt*2
- Suspenders and sash
- Pauldron both sides
- Custom boots
- Buster Sword (Early-Stage)
- Buster Sword connector and interchangeable parts
- Materia*9 (green*3, blue*2, red*2, yellow*1, purple*1)
- Materia*9 in normal state (green*3, blue*2, red*2, yellow*1, purple*1)
- Dumpapple
- Standard Figure Stand
Collector’s Edition Exclusive Accessories:
- Early-Stage Head Sculpt
- Custom Base
- Helmet with Blood Stains
- Normal Soldier Saber
- Chocobo and Chocobo base