(WAITLIST) VTSTOYS 1/6 Successor of Light VM-041DX Collector's Edition

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VTSTOYS is proud to announce the Successor of Light Collectible Figure.

With utmost sincerity, the VTSTOYS team brings you all new item Successor of Light.

Firstly, the head sculpt has been revised many times, combining the different styles from different periods of the show, to create such a high-fidelity head sculpt for you. As this character needs to wear a helmet, we carefully separate the hair and face to ensure that the character can wear the helmet perfectly. For the helmet, we carefully collected information and finally produced this helmet that can recreate two different styles.

This character’s uniform is a huge challenge for us. After a long search, our team found this material that recreates the color and material at the same time. This material is stronger and has a significantly longer storage time than similar products, so collectors can rest assured.

For one of the most important props of the character – Spark Lence, we did our best try to recreate the real design with opening and closing mechanism, striving to bring you the best quality 1/6 transformation item.

For the character's communication device, in order to ensure the integrity of the uniform design, our team has used magnets. The communicators on both sides can be opened and have exquisite text printing.

Guts Hyper Gun, a main weapon, has also been meticulously produced and recreated. We have also produced 5 different ammos from the show that can be loaded in the gun.

As for other accessories, we have prepared the Stone Spark Lence that appeared at the end; the Special Flute held by Alien Girl Saki, who appeared in the ninth episode, to summon Machina; and a group photo of the protagonists. We believe these accessories can let collectors reminisce those wonderful times together.

In addition to the above, we have also prepared a Collector's Edition with more accessories for you.

In the Collector's Edition, firstly is our carefully crafted diorama base. The special hexagonal beam is very much consistent with the theme and features of this item. Secondly, we also prepared the Spark Lence of Darkness that appeared in the movie to recreate the scene where the protagonist turned into a Dark Giant. Next, we equip the Guts Hyper Gun with sniper rifle enhancement parts that rarely appear in the show, which can be perfectly combined with the Hyper Gun to become a Hyper Rifle. The last accessory is the Ultra-Ancient Civilization that has an important part in the series and movie – Yuzare. We use transparent parts to present the hologram in the show.

The above is the entire content of the product. With this being the childhood of many collectors, we hope to bring this Hero of Light to us.

vm-041 & VM-041DX

List of Parts:

-Basic head sculpt (hair can be detached)

-Highly posable body

-6 hand types including:

-1 pc gun holding hand

-A pair of item-holding hands

-A pair of fists

-1 pc open hand


-Red, white & gray tight-fit combat uniform

-Holster set

-Fabric high-top boots


-Spark Lence

-Helmet and accessories

-Communication Device (2 pcs, L & R are different)

-Hyper Gun

-Hyper Gun Ammo (5 pcs)

-Stone Spark Lence



-Standard character base

Exclusive accessories for Collector's Edition:

-Spark Lence of Darkness

-Hyper Rifle set

-Yuzare Hologram

-Beam Base

Order due date: Jan 9, Estimated to ship 2nd qtr 2022