QuanYingCun QYC003 A or C 1/6 Husky

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QuanYingCun QYC003 A/C/ 1/6 Husky

Product Information
Name: QuanYingCun 1/6 Husky resin realistic model (super detailed ver.) dedicated snow base
Product code: QYC004
Product size: length 170mm, width 110mm, height 20mm
Product weight: 250 g
Copyright: Chengdu Dog Enlightening Academy
Manufacturer: Moshu Models
Prototype: He Xiaojun
Model Supervisor: Morpheus Chen
Sale: Not sold separately - Husky model accessory, shipping at the same time

Dedicated snow base, resin main body, painted snowflake surface – creating accurate snow effect.
The four feet of the main body can be embedded securely in the base.The base can be stuck onto the center console of a car with double-sided tape, convenient for friends who wish to add a display piece to their car interior. Displaying it with the model adds a touch of color to the Husky's charm.

Free spirits - a perfect blend of primitive & modern.
They carry mankind's pursuit & yearning for wildness, freedom, and bravery, as well as mankind's appeal & call for trust, companionship & love.
People who do not understand think they are just jokes on the Internet;
To those who understand them, they are irreplaceable.
I love huskies, their unruly freedom & arrogance;
I love huskies, their elegance, sweetness & tenderness.
Such a dog breed deserves a super-detailed boutique model, rather than a mere mediocre shell.
———— Morpheus Chen