VTSTOYS: 1/6 VM036-B Ghost of Battlefield Collector's Edition

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To persevere with the samurai’s spirit or be an evil ghost on the battlefield to kill the enemy? This is a true story that took place in Tsushima Island, Japan.

VTS Toys’ annual masterpiece -- Ghost of Battlefield

VTS Toys brings you this 1/6 collectible figure with a wealth of experience and strong development capabilities.

The figure's extremely complex and elaborate costume armor is the focus of our development this time. We have used metal as the main material for this armor for the first time to make an extremely sophisticated appearance and an unparalleled hand feeling and weight. The figure’s skirt armor parts are all disassembled following the real structure and interconnected with the real rope, which will show a more beautiful appearance and allow for the relative freedom of movability. All fabric clothing, excluding the armor, also feature delicate prints and metal wires easy to pose. Besides, we also try our best to use real material to make an abundance of rope ties and other items.

For the entire figure, we have made the body performance more dynamic.

For the head sculpture, designers have adjusted the original dull face to make it more imposing, and with the addition of the crafted headband, it is easier for the player to play with while keeping the styling in mind.

In addition to the figure body, we have created three different sized katanas, which we have recreated to perfection with their intricate patterns and delicate paintwork.

We have also created a short yumi with matching arrows, one sticky bomb, one smoke bomb, and kunai to provide the figure with plenty of playability.

The last accessory is a traditional Japanese musical instrument, the shakuhachi, whose special size, structure, and color we have recreated based on the real shakuhachi.
In the Collector's Edition, we have made extra clothes and a cloak for the figure to restore this equipment upgrade to its final form. Players can put on and take off as their needs.

Our team has made a fox statue, and we have restored the spirited fox with the change of its sluggish appearance.

The most eye-catching difference between the collector's edition and the standard edition is that we have created a large diorama to replace the standard one. We have chosen the most representative Golden Temple as the starting point for the design, presenting the golden ginkgo leaves, decaying wooden boards, and broken stone lamps perfectly. And on top of the base in the collector’s edition, we also made flags with special prints to express the strong Japanese flavor.
Our team has always treated our products with the highest expectations, balancing form, dynamics, movability, materials, production, and play. To this end, we have taken great care in conceiving and presenting our products to our players. We hope that players will enjoy the unique charm of figures from our products.

Product comes with:
- Head sculpt and headband
- Highly poseable body
- 9 exclusive hands include:
- A pair of hands for holding item(s)
- A Pair of claw hands
- A pair of hands for holding katana
- A pair of relaxed hands
- One hand for holding the bow

- Scarf
- A standard cloak
- Grey printed long sleeve coat
- Fabric skirt
- Wide-legged pants
- A pair of calf sleeves
- Dark blue belt
- Light green chest strap
- Brown rope at chest
- Brown rope belt
- Light green rope
- Other kinds of rope
- Back pouch*2
- Storage state kunai*2
- Full set of armor
- Custom boots

- Katana*1
- Wakizashi*1
- Sinobigatana*1
- Short Yumi *1
- Normal arrows(yellow) *3
- Heavy arrows(red)*3
- Kunai*2
- Smoke bomb*1
- Sticky bomb*1
- Shakuhachi*1
- The standard edition’s base

Exclusive Accessories for Collector's Edition:
- Fox statue
- Custom base
- Dark blue cloth
- collector’s cloak