Soap Studio: Tom and Jerry Teddy Bear CA111 (Blind Box, random color)

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This is the 12″ Tom & Jerry Teddy Bear Plush Figure by Soap Studio

The lake blue, which symbolizes purity and romance, has become the new color of Soap Studio Cat and Mouse-Plush Teddy Bear Doll Ver.2!

Each doll in this series comes with a sleeping Jerry made of vinyl rubber, with a collection certificate and a display stand. The doll has four colors of gray, lake blue, pink, and brown, and the proportions are 88%, 8%, 3%, and 1% respectively. A one-box confidential packaging, no one knows the color of the box before unpacking.

The Soap Studio toy series Figure Plush perfectly combines three types of toys: plush dolls, movable dolls and vinyl toys.

Different from ordinary plush dolls, the Figure Plush series plush dolls have a built-in skeleton, and their waist and limbs have a certain range of movement, so the doll can freely pose a variety of different movements, and has the cute appearance and mobility of a plush doll The playability of multi-shape dolls.
The position of the head cover of the plush doll is connected by a Velcro, which is convenient for the player to take off. After the plush head cover is removed, the head of the toy doll made of vinyl can be exposed.

In order to combat counterfeit Figure Plush products, the second round of the cat and mouse-plush teddy bear doll is fully upgraded-using the latest NFC product certification technology. In just three simple steps, you can distinguish the authenticity of the Figure Plush product in your hand!

– size : 12″ (30cm)

– Vinyl & Plush

– Soap Studio’s