TBLeague PL2018-M36A Male Seamless Body

  • ₱4,000.00

TBLeague PL2018-M36A Male Seamless Body Php 3850/ PC 20% reservations BOOK BEFORE DEADLINE Srp php 4,000 Order due date: Sep 25 Estimated to ship late Oct TBLeague男素体M36A Super-Flexible 1/6th Scale Male Seamless Body-M36A Item Name:Super-Flexible 1/6th Scale Male Seamless Body Item No:PL2018-M36A Bar Code:697 127233 0222 M36B (suntan) is the identical twin brother of M36A(brown) which is initially named M36 except for their skin tones. M36B becomes existent for the purpose of meeting more diverse custom needs. Packing List: 1) 1 × M36A super flexible male seamless body 2) 3 pairs × interchangeable hands 3) 1 pair × removable flat-heeled feet 4) 2 pcs × Male genitalia 5) 4 color packaging ★ Head sculpt and all the gear ( including model basketball, clothing, sneakers, elbow pad ) NOT included