Tbleague Tariah, The Silver Valkyrie 1/6 Scale Figure

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Product Description Norse mythology tells tales of the Valkyries, the female spirits who choose those who may die with honor in the battlefield and are sent to Valhalla. Tariah is known for her love affairs with human men and for assisting Odin in transporting his chosen warriors into the afterlife where they will fight by his side during Ragnarok. Sister to Skarah and her most powerful rival in the great halls of Valhalla, Tariah is an unparalleled warrior who craves for the opportunity to defeat her sibling in combat and take her place as Odin’s favorite. Product Features 1/6 Scale TBLeague female seamless body with stainless steel armature Features four-color packaging Highly poseable figure Highly detailed Rooted hair Box Contents Tariah figure 3 Pairs of hands Chest guard Fur panties Battle style skirt Fur leg sleeves Leg armor Knee armors Forearm armor with fur decoration Rght shoulder armor with fur decoration Shoes Feathered style helmet Shoulder strap Necklace Armband for right arm Shield Sword Spear Base