War Story: WS005 Demon Hunter Series 1 -The Devil Hunter 1/6

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Parts list:

  • Head sculpture with planted hair
  • Heightened body
  • Gloves 3 pairs
  • Shoes 2 pairs
  • Leather Leg Protector 2pcs
  • Alloy Leg Protector 2pcs
  • Leather Outer Pants with memory foam 1pc
  • Leather and Handmade Woven Metal Locking Armor and Space Cotton Coat 1pc
  • Alloy Arm Armor 2pcs
  • Leather Arm Protector 2pcs
  • Leather and Metal Breast Plate 1pc
  • Fur Collar 1pc
  • Metal Steel Sword 1pc
  • Sword Scabbard 1pc
  • Metal Sword with Double-headed Beast 1pc
  • Metal Scabbard with Double-headed Beast 1pc
  • Metal Wolf Necklace 1pc
  • Leather Metal Waistband 2pcs
  • Leather Satchel 1pc