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WOLFKING WK89017A Php 5,800/PC 20% reservations Book before deadline Srp6500 Order due date: Sep 26 Estimated to ship 4th qtr The position of Tian Ba and Miyamoto Musashi is a good friend who met each other since childhood. He left Wu's hometown to participate in the battle of Guanyuan. After the defeat, he fled the battlefield with Musashi. He has the same fate as Wushu, and then embarked on a completely different path. When the reputation of Musashi is flourishing, eight can only be disguised as a strong, living in inferiority and lies, and it is difficult to extricate themselves from indulging and wine. Product number :WK89017A Product List: 1.head*1 2.body*1 3.hand*6 4.Metal enamel*2 5.Truss*1 6.underwear*1 7.Short top*1 8.coat*1 9.Culottes*1 10.flagon*1 11.Sandals*2